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    One of my hens has a hurt leg. She can't even walk on it. I have no idea what happened. What should I do? Should I build her a little separate compartment in the coop (maybe 3x3 feet) and give her food and water until she recovers or should I just let her run around and hope for the best? Any ideas?

  2. maybejoey

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    I would seperate her because chickens can get mean and pick on weak or injured chickens. When you feel her leg is there any swelling, clean the foot that she isnt walking on and check for sores or scabs and cuts. Hope I helped.[​IMG]
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    What do I clean the scabs with? What do I do if there is swelling?
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    We're dealing with the same problem. My EE, who has already cost us a fortune at the vet, started favoring a leg. She's limping really badly. The vet seemed to think it's just a strain and prescribed Meloxicam. I have no idea what that is - maybe an anti-inflammatory?

    I haven't separated her out from the other birds yet but am watching to see what happens.

    Hope your bird recovers.
  5. maybejoey

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    well if there are scabs then that just means that she doesnt want to put weight on it because the sole feels sore ( Clean her foot off put neosporin on the cut or scab if there is a scab and keep her in a closed off area in your chicken area) If her leg is swollen then it is either a sprained leg or the leg is broken. Also if her foot gets infected then it could cause her to get Bumble foot. Also could you post pictures.[​IMG] Put her in a closed off area for now.[​IMG]
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    Aug 28, 2011
    Quote:Hi hun, if you go on emergency& diseases thread again i have a picture of a sling ive made for my polish frizzle with a suspected broken leg, if you look for my thread called chicken sling you will see the pictures. Its great for my chicken as it keeps her from trying to stand on it so it will heal quicker..just a thought anyway..good luck hun i know what your going through [​IMG] Tracy xxx
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    Put a crate inside the 3x3 enclosure. Keep her in the crate for a couple of days so the leg can rest. Then let her out for only 10-15 min. 2-3 times daily to hobble around. This happened to my hen. She sprained or pulled a muscle real bad in her leg. It took her 3 months to get back to normal. It can be a slow process. Depending how she's doing I would increase her let out time gradually.

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