Hurt rooster/cockerel....please help!!!!


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Jul 22, 2016
Saint James Missouri
I have a rooster/cockerel that has a hurt leg. It looks like it is probably broke, right where the foot meets the feathers. He is limping around pretty good. I don't know how to tell if he is suffering or what. Please help!!!!!
A break is one possibility. It may also be the result of a slipped tendon or another issue. You should have someone hold him while you examine both of his hock joints simultaneously. Look for differences in the normal vs. injured leg.

My avian vet once told me "put two chicken bones in the same room and they'll heal together." Look out for broken bones in chickens is usually pretty good. Even if it's not broken, with leg injuries treatment tends to always start with isolating the bird and restricting movement. Use a crate that had enough space for him to turn around, and for feed and water. You can give him ibuprofen for pain and inflammation. Dosage is one 200mg tablet, crushed, per 2 cups of drinking water. Some people will tell you that aspirin is safer but I have personally discussed this with my avian vet and she says ibuprofen is the safer option.
What do you mean put two chicken bones together???? I will get some photos, can he survive with a break??? I have grown attached to him. Some people at the feed store said that he can't survive it and it's too hard on him.
Here's some pictures
Why would I "cull" him? I'm asking because I'm new to raising chickens. Is it because of suffering or is he bad for my other chickens. Thank you all so much!!!! I am learning so much from this site and all it's members!!!

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