Hurt rooster, swollen eye

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    Hi All,

    I could really use some help with this. We have a flock of about 60 chickens, three of them are roosters (one is a bantam). The oldest rooster (he is 4) is a Rhode Island Red and he is in charge. The other is an Appenzellar Spitzhauben and he is about 2 years old. They have gotten along fine until yesterday, when I went out to the coop and noticed the RIR was acting strange He has a swollen eye and it is closed. He can't/won't open it and I don't know if he will ever see out of it again. It is from the App. Spitz. Rooster and now he is strutting around like the boss. we've separated the RIR and he is in his own pen. The question is, what should I do for his eye? He isn't bloody. Should I get rid of the App. Spitz? I would hate to get rid of either, but the RIR is the nicest and best at watching for predators. The only thing is that he is getting older. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    I'd examine the eye to see if it's damaged or just bruised around it.
    You can use veterycin eye wash to flush it out. If it appears there is infection you can use terramycin eye ointment.
    This can happen with roo's. The younger challenged the older and sounds like he won. If you put them back together, there is a chance they will fight again, the RIR may try to win back his spot. I'd probably try to rehome one, but that's up to you. You could also split the flock, and give each their own, if you have the space for that.

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