Hurt silkie, what's the dose for pen G?

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    Jan 11, 2010
    My neighbor has a silkie that got grabbed by a hawk yesterday. They brought her to me to look at because she wasn't walking. I couldn't find anything wrong with her leg but saw some blood on a few feathers. When I set her down she hobbled a few feet and just sat down and didn't want to move. I looked all over her and didn't find anywhere the blood could be coming from. I told them to put her in a seperate cage with some food and water and to watch her I also gave them some 'broilermax' to put in her water. I knoticed her nose was clogged up with dried clearish mucus so I told them to clean that out so she could breath better. I don't think that was caused by the hawk.
    Today I went to see her and it didn't look like she moved much in her cage. She was just sitting there looking bad. They had cleaned her nose out yesterday but it was all crusty and clogged with a more yellow looking stuff today. It was also kind of in the feathers around her eyes and beak so I told them to trim them away some and to keep her nose cleared. She came from an auction 2 weeks ago so I am thinking she might have been sick before the hawk tried to get her, even though she was moving around and acting fine before the attack. I am figuring she has an infection so I have some pen G on hand I can give them to give her. What is the dose and how often do I give the shot and how? Anything else they should be doing? Thanks they just got the silkie and really like her and so I would like to save her.

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    Hope it helps
    lower the dose

    I used Penicillin G Procaine when my chickens were attacked by dogs. I gave a less than 1/4 cc injection in the back of the neck 2 times. With the procaine it is concentrated and you only have to give it every other day.
    I used peroxide to clean the wounds and deep teeth marks right after it happened. (I heard somewhere to be carefull with peroxide as it can damage the surrounding tissue). I then kept neosporin on the wounds for a couple of days. They healed just fine. As far as the tetracycline i have never used it. If chicken doesnt get better in a few days I would try the penicillin. If you give the injection move the feathers to the side and lift up the skin at the base of the back of the neck and stick the needle in. It helps if you can hold the chicken on your lap holding the wings together and have someone else give the injection. Hope this helps let me know how it goes

    Lori Grande

    I did some Googling and most said to give 1/2 to 1cc every day for 3 - 7 days.
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