Hurt younge chicken after dog attack


7 Years
May 28, 2012
Luling, TX
PLEASE HELP!!! my poor lil girl (i think, RIR got her in march as a fuzzy chick with a few wing feathers) was bit by a dog, i saved her and she only got a few scratches, but she cant seem to use her leg... please someone say i can help her. I allready got her away from the other chickens and my dumb rootser (who isnt verry brave), she is still eating and drinking

IS there any hope for her?
She could have internal injuries
oh i hope not, im new to chickens, i studied them in college, but never had my own, i think after looking harder that its dislocated, she can still wiggle her toes, but cant get it to fully move, but still eating and drinking allright, she might just hve to be my porch chicken
That is so awful Im sorry your poor chick is hurt. I have no advise but just wanted to say I hope she gets better. Im so nervous when I let my chickens free range because of possible dog attacks (though I never see dogs loose I know it is very possible for one to come into the yard, even my own two big dogs who like to escape the house from time to time). Agh I hope it never happens. Good luck to you Im sending lots of luck your way.
Whats sd is the dog was tied up, he ws a foster from our local shelter, a sick dog with tick disease and verry under weight, at first he seemed nice, but he is going back to the shelter, im not risking my chicks for him

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