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Apr 30, 2007
We went to our local co-op because I needed some complete feed for our horses. Of course, I had to walk over to the tanks with the chicks in them to see what they had there. While I was cooing and talking to the chicks, my husband walks up behind me, makes a disgusted sound and said,

"don't you have enough of those things??"

hmm.png, not really, but all the ones there had already been sold.

Lucky him.

You guys are too funny, I think I have created a monster.. I wanted the chickens.. I ordered them and drew up the conservative coop plans...

He has gone way overboard.. (waiting to install the gutters anyday now:he.. has upgraded the brooders 3 times and the chicks aren't even here yet.. just invented a changable/adjustable light fixture/holder lol

And I can't keep him out of TSC.. he know.. new chicks come in every Thursday...

AHGGG and they talk about us women!
So ... there was a story on a UK News Show that I listen to ...

Police are searching for a woman who took out a Home Improvement Loan so she could hire a hitman ....

.... to kill her husband
You ladies have missed that there's a huge difference here between men and women and how they look at the chickens. We men have to see some utility to them. We love our big furry dogs, we can usually tolerate cats, but chickens are just too much. Now, you tell me that I get to eat the eggs, eat the chickens, and possibly turn a profit or at least break even through egg sales, all while also keeping my garden weed and bug free and you've got a winner. It's all about making us see that they have usefulness beyond being fun, cute, pretty, etc. Otherwise they're just a stinky, messy ball of useless feathers.

Remember, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, with his wallet a close second. Frame your arguments that way and your chances of winning him over will increase exponentially.

Big Charlie
A 6'6" 290lb bear of a man who loves his week old chicks, but sees dollar signs in the future.

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