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11 Years
Apr 27, 2008
Ashland, Missouri
I've read many threads on here about controlling flight of chickens. We have five Araucanas (probably not pure strain) and six mixed hybrid pullets hatched in late March, early April. Only one is laying so far, that we know of. Our problem? They are flyers. The first seems to have taught the others. Our older hens stay put in the chicken yard, wait for free range in late afternoon, but the young ones escape at will. I've already clipped one wing on each...this does not contain them. Their chicken yard fence that has worked up to now with these pullets is a four foot chain link and we have no choice in replacing it or covering it (20 x 20 yard area). My question, should I clip both wings? Will this hobble them to the area where I can keep them safe from our dog? I understand the purpose in clipping one wing only--putting them off balance. What will be the effect of clipping both wings? Advice please, or other suggestions. Thanks, ~G
Well, I didn't draw blood, but I clipped as closely as I felt I could to remove a large portion of the flight feathers. Is there a particular mark I clip to? ~G
Clip the flight feathers all the way up to the second row. Sounds like you did it right. The only other options I know is a taller fence, or make them wear backpacks full of rocks.
Maybe someone else has a solution. I hope so.
clipping both wings on chicken i imagine would depend on the mass of the bird in terms of what effect it will have. the only experience i have with clipping both wings is with small hookbills, and if they are small enough, like parakeets, or conures, they learn to compensate in a short amount of time and fly shorter distances with more effort. Clipping one wing should do the trick, also, make sure there isnt anything that they can jump on near the edge of the fence, mine are sneaky and look for things to hop on. mine hop really high, but dont fly far at all. next, i would just run some rebar through the chainlink and add about 2 or 3 more feet instead of replacing or convering the whole top, just for expense. good luck.
Maybe you could try using pipe straps (available at Lowe's etc) to attach 8-ft 2x4s to the upright posts of your chain link (couple of straps/2x4). The chain link uprights will support the 2x4s sitting on top of the ground without having to dig holes. Then just attach some deer netting (very inexpensive, also at Lowe's) from the chain link to the top of the 2x4s. You can use plastic wire ties to secure the bottom of the netting to the chain link fence top. This would take your total fence up to about 8 ft and once they bounce off the netting a few times they should quit. It certainly won't keep predators out but is the cheapest and easiest way I could think of the extend the height of your fence.
I was going to suggest the same exact thing. I did something similar around my garden fence that was too short to keep them out.

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