hybrid hen suddenly taken to spending ages in egg box but not laying


8 Years
Aug 23, 2011
i have read all about egg bound just in case and given her a warm soak and lubricated her vent just in case.

she is a hybrid ranger so shouldn't get broody. she is over a year old ( was a free ranger for a supermarket supplier). up until recently she was laying an egg most days.
as i said in the title she is spending ages in the egg box. sometimes she is in there last thing at night and there again in the morning. she has been like this forabout 5 days now and i thought she might be egg bound but she shows no signs of distress and is eating, drinking and pooing OK. when she gets out of the box she is behaving normally, walking fine and she did roost when i had her in overnight.

still not laid an egg. it is coming up for autumn here.....
do i need to worry?

her only other symptom i don't think is related. she has always sneezed and has at times a clear nasal discharge.
any thoughts appreciated as i am new to all this.
OK thanks
i hope that's all. i will evict her from her nestbox at regular intervals and see what happens...
all my hens spend way too much time in the boxes
My xbattery has gone broody and as she should have been slaughtered in may i thought it would be nice to let her hatch some eggs ,so 17 days left .
i had no idea they could go broody. i hope that's what it is. we have eggs in an incubator with13 days to go so i hope at least some of the 18 eggs hatch....
x sarah
well she can't be egg bound since she is still alive...... i evict her often but she is still broody!

x sarah

today she was not brooding on the floor...then she laid an egg.....
here endeth the broody session.

she was happy to sit on ice three times a day..i had begun to give up hope.

alls well that ends well.
x millie

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