Hydrogen Peroxide OK for cool mist vaporizer to treat fungus in lungs?


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Jun 8, 2009
I have on hand from my Grandma, Unker's Multi-Purpose Medicated Salve. The ingredients are:
Pharmaceutical Grade Snow White Petrolatum Base, Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, Menthol Crystals, Pine Needles, Camphor

Do you think this would be a suitable alternative to VetRx?

One of my hens (2 /2 yr. old Wyandotte) is having trouble breathing. (I moved this over from a previous thread that was re: a different hen
https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/...t-sick-yellow-skin-orange-comb-and-wattles/60 ). She's not gasping with her beak open or anything, but her comb and wattles are taking on a purple color. I checked for blockage and didn't see any. Maybe I should check again, this time with a helper holding her.

Capillary Worms, Gape Worms or Respiratory Infection? Her symptoms:

1.) Labored breathing but not wheezing, (I didn't see any obstructions in her throat and she is still breathing with her beak closed)
2.) Comb and wattles are turning purple
3.) Shakes her head occassionally
4.) Sleeps alot
5.) Crop: I'm not quite sure exactly how it is supposed to feel, but it did feel a bit quite empty but a little squishy - Her breath does not smell bad
6.) Droppings: I have not seen her go yet
7.) Eating and drinking: ACV in all waterers. I have not seen her eat or drink firsthand with the exception of yesterday evening

I have ordered Oxine AH in case it is a fungal infection.
I am treating her with antibiotics, (Metronidazole tablets) which, incidently are a massive pain in the you-know-what to give her. I am putting it on tuna.
I also wormed them all. (Ivermectin, 5 drops each)

NOW...I have made entirely too many trips to the Co-Op this week and cannot justify another 30 mile trip. Soooo...does anyone use/make anything else as a Vet Rx alternative? I just love you people...thanks so much!

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Pick her up and put your ear to her side and aside from gut noises; listen for gurgling, wheezing, rales. Any of these would indicate a respiratory problem. If you hear a clicking noise, that could possibly indicate heart failure or a bad heart valve. Wattles and comb turning purple could possibly indicate a lack of sufficient oxygen (heart or heart valve.) Whistling noise would indicate an air sac rupture. There's not much that can be done if it's a heart or air sac problem. There are various meds for respiratory problems depending what disease it is, IF that's what it is.
If she had gapeworm, she'd be dead by now. As mentioned, ivermectin has no effect on capillary worms.
Will do! Not sure what rales are, but I can look it up if I don't hear gurgling, wheezing, or a clicking noise. Sure do appreciate your help, dawg53!

All that aside, do you think the product I mentioned above would help her breathe a little bit better? Maybe a little under her wings?
Rales is the same thing as "rattling"...a respiratory issue. VetRx is useless and a waste of money.
I would start by worming her with a good wormer, not ivermectin. Here's a link for references I made yesterday to another member:
Please read post #7. If you choose to use safeguard liquid goat wormer instead of valbazen; dose her 1/2cc orally undiluted, then redose her again in 3 days, then a third dosing in another 3 days. You'll be dosing her 1/2cc three times within 10 days.
Wait a couple of days and if there's improvement. Check her poop and let us know the color and consistancy if you get the chance.
I didn't get any valbazen yet...worried about worming her with that since I just wormed her with Ivermecting yesterday. (?) And from earlier posts on another thread, it sounds as though she might very well have a fungal infection. My Daughter's dog has what looks like fungus/yeast on his paws. (Vet for him tomorrow)

She is getting more and more purple, but still breathing with her beak closed. The top of her comb is starting to turn white. Have her in but she hasn't pooped yet. Have ACV water, a mash, plain yogurt and a salad available for her.

The Oxine AH is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Do you think it would be a good idea to add hydrogen peroxide to a cool mist vaporizer for a while in the interim? I don't know what time to expect the Oxine tomorrow and I'd really like to open up her passageway as much as I can. BTW, this picture does not do her color justice. She actually looks much more purple than this.

Thanks for any ideas!

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