Reptile section at the pet store, or a cheap electronic one from Walmart. The cheap electronic ones are not perfect, but you can gage how constant it is and they are close enough.
I was just at Walmart looking for one and I couldn't find it anywhere...I asked an associate and he looked at me like I was speaking another language
I got one at home depot
i got one last year from our hardware store and 12 hatches later, it was working fine. I will start my incubator back up again next month....let's hope it's still working good. I always put 2 different ones in there to see how close they are..and do the first hatch like that. Good Luck.
Thanks chicken mom...I thought I'd buy cheap and work my way up as needed so I bought a $3 Acu-rite and the first thing I did was calibrate it..believe it or not, it was right!

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