hypoglycemia treatment for bunny??!

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    Nov 6, 2012
    Ive just taken my 11 week old bunny to the vet and been told she has hypoglycemia as a result of not being able to eat due to floppy bunny syndrome.

    He has given me some white liquid medicine to give to her twice a day and told me to mash up pellets in water and feed her via a syringe into her mouth every two hours or so.

    She is having quite strong seizures every five minutes and grinding her teeth quite loudly during these and I really want this to stop as soon as possible because it must be so horrible for her.

    Is there anything I can do to help her more and am i missing out on anything super important? I have to feed her via syringe as she wont take anything into her mouth herself.

    I would be so grateful for any help or advice!!

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    If she truly has hypoglycemia (Did the vet draw blood?) then I would try some glucose in the mixture you are feeding her via syringe. They sell glucose in several forms. I've bought it in both tablet form (You could dissolve it in water) or gel form. You shouldn't need a lot to raise the blood sugar. If they are hypoglycemia induced seizures, then that should make it better within a half hour or so (Generally faster).

    Unfortunately, animals that tend to stay in hypoglycemic shock (where they are having seizures) for prolonged periods of time often sustain brain injury.

    If this is a pet rabbit and the vet did not pull blood, I would definitely want blood work done. There are quite a few reasons for these symptoms and many of them can be ruled out or diagnosed through blood work.

    With neurological symptoms already present in the rabbit, I would be hesitant to call a seizure hypoglycemia without hard proof to back it up.
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    Nov 6, 2012
    yes he did take some blood and put it on the little blood sugar reading machine thingy and it read 1.9, he said it was supposed to be around three under three means hypoglycemia?
    Also she was very skinny, not eating enough.

    I didnt have any glucose and it was around ten oclock so the shops were closed,, but I used some honey,

    some time during the night something happened and her mouth was bleeding, but it's now morning and it has stopped.
    The seizures continued after I gave her honey, but definitely less frequently, mainly she had a seizure when i frightened her by touching her or when i tried to feed her.

    She had a small seizure this morning when i fed her and has had none since.
    We'll be taking her back to the vet to investigate the bleeding.

    I feel like it may be that she bit her tongue while having a seizure, or shes been grinding her teeth a lot and somehow that has injured her somewhere, as the bleeding has stopped and there was no blood around her nose at all, just in the fur around and mostly under her mouth and a little on her chest..
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