Hypothermic 3 mos old chicks ,HELP PLEASE.


Feb 24, 2021
So i have 2 , 3 month old silkies that have been in a separate pin in the coop to keep them safe from the other much bigger chickens , when I went out to let the chickens out this morning I found my two silkie chicks wet and freezing I thought they were dead at first sight ,realized they are alive and brought them in to warm them up immediately, it got down to 34 degrees and rainy last night they might have been wet all night😥 I don't know. so i now have the them In a box with a towel under them and some food with a heat lamp over them ,I placed a paper thermometer under the coldest one as it is not moving much to get a body temp , body temp is still below 90 ,is there anything else I could be doing for these two sweet babies and does anyone know how long it could take the body temp to get back to normal if it does ? They seem to be perking up being under the heat lamp but are still too cold . Please help i dont want to see them die 😰


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Silkies do not tolerate the cold that well, and getting wet probably was very hard on them. Make sure they are dry, and you can use a blow dryer on them. What temp is your heat lamp under the lamp on the floor? Eighty degrees is good for a sick chicken. Are they inside the house or outside? Do you know how they got wet, so it doesn’t happen again? Do they have a water bowl they can fall into, or other type of waterer? I use those electric dog bowls that hold a gallon of water, and they only come on when it is below 35 degrees. I hope that you get them warmed up and doing better.

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