hysteria in the quail tank once again


Nov 9, 2020

Poor babies were NOT having a good night, I honestly think it maybe have been that i rearranged some furniture and the world has never moved before as far as their concerned.

Nearly 20 minutes of chirping a flailing and bashing into the roof of the tank. Someone lost a wing feather looks like, hopefully their near molting and it wasnt to traumatic getting pulled out. Do quail molt at all before reaching full size? The little bugs are just over 3 weeks old now.

I had this issue before with them being scared of the dark and I had to give them a nightlight that worked great but I think today was just to exciting for them and they'd had it and lights didn't go out when they were used to.
Jeez even as I right this I keep hearing ruffling and minor scuttling. Every time they move I feel like their going to freak out again. They dont have their nightlight right now. I added black construction paper i had around part of the inside to help them feel more secure (they've had this before) and then turned all the lights out. This seems to have calmed the madness for now. But their not really settling down like normal. Hopefully they tired themselves out good with everything and they'll sleep finally.

Iv got a new home for them coming soon. One of those big collapsible octagonal puppy play pens. The mesh ones? Iv accepted that the little beasts wont be going outside till spring probably and a 40gallon fishtank will not be a good home for 7 quail for that long.only thing I'm worried about is them throwing fits like this and getting hung up in the mesh. Well have to see.
Perfect time of the year to buy a string of white, non-twinkling Christmas lights, the LED type. They cost next to nothing to keep on all night and don't get hot.
As for the commotion, a bit of leafy lettuce or yard clippings tomorrow might go a long way to smooth their feathers (teehee), but seriously, my quail accept greens or papaya slices as a peace offering and usually settle down after such a gift.

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