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  1. It's bin 9 days now since Carhdees surgery and the first three days were the best, he slept all night but the last week now it's like he is whining hysterically about the littliest things and when I say hysterically I mean like it hurts my ears so bad that I have to cover them or make a fake mussel whith my fingers and muzzel his mouth shut untill he does stop whining. He's been waking me up every hour of every night and I feel like I am goin insane. He has pain killer, tranqs and we went to go for his che chekup and the vet said there shouldn't be a reason why he is whining like that because he is healing perfetly. Any suggestions on what to do to help him quiet his whining or even stop him on the spot? Please anything would help. Thank you

    don't get me wrong I love my puppy to death and I realize that he is hurt but like I said I feel like I am going insane with no sleep and the constant whine!
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    What kind of tranquilizers/pain meds are you using? Sometime they can make the dogs feel funny and then they cry like crazy because they don't know how to handle it. Did they use Acepromezine during the surgery? Your puppy may be still processing out the anethesia. The Vets usually don't acknowledge this.
    I missed the ealrier posts...what happened to your puppy? What breed?
  3. Quote:Yes that is the kind of tranqs that I am giving him twice a day. He broke his back left femer. He is a Chiweenie who is about 15 weeks old and he got his surgery last tuesday nine days ago.
  4. Do you think I shouldn't be giving them and try to see what he does off of them?
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    Couple of possibilities:

    1.The ace is making him dysphoric/anxious (happens in a small percentage of animals).

    2. He is painful, and the pain meds just aren't cutting it. Every dog (and person) has a different pain threshold. So he may need more/different pain meds to get enough effect. What's he on?

    3. He's bored and stressed by his decreased activity. He is a young pup, and probably needs something to occupy his mind. Stuffed kongs, training games, chewies.... things like that can help give him mental exercise when he can't physically exercise.
  6. I have gotn him chewies and lots of toys and he was intrested in them for a lil bit but now he doesn't care about them. I'm giving him Rimadyl as well as the acepromazine.
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    Rimadyl(carprofen) is an NSAID and may not be doing the trick. Ace is a dissociative anesthetic and won't do a thing for his pain, but may make him feel disoriented. I would never make medical recommendations over the internet, but I would ask your vet about a better pain killer, and ask about skipping the ace. For orthopedic surgeries we usually use fentanyl patches, or something like tramadol. Although, 9 day later at his age he should be healing and feeling better, but obviously SOMETHING is bothering him.
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    I'm with snugglepup, something is obvioulsy wrong or he wouldn't be so bothered. Animals are bred to not show fear and/or pain because that makes them weak in the wild, so he is upset or hurting about something. I would make a point to see that the vet did something different for him so he is not suffering unneccesarily.
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    I have to agree with the previous post, you should get him back into see the vet. Have you taken his temp? It could give you an indication that he's dealing with something more than just pain.

    Hope he gets feeling better soon.
  10. Well I have an appointment to go in on monday so I will say all this. Thank you.

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