I’m new to the chicken obsession!


Jul 10, 2021

I’ve never had good experiences with chickens/roosters in the past; my dog got scratched by a neighbor’s rooster and has had major health problems ever since, my neighbor caused a LOT of issues... etc... but then I decided I’d like to be more self-sufficient, and who doesn’t fall in love when they see baby chickies? So I got four, and am totally in love. They are just starting to lay now, and I’ve got them a xylophone to play and they are spoiled with treats and pets. My biggest chicky used to stretch out her neck as far as she could to wrap around her sisters, so I started calling her Longneck... which morphed to Littlefoot. Her sisters fell into the same theme; I have Littlefoot, Cera, Petri, and Ducky. I’ve been using this site for help with questions for awhile now, and finally decided I should just join. Happy to be here!

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