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Jul 5, 2021
We incubated two eggs(one didn’t hatch) and when the one chick hatched we were the first thing she saw. I believe she thinks that we are her mother. Now we can not leave her sight without her cheeping loudly and crying. We have to sit by her until she falls asleep, and she wakes up with our alarms in the morning. I’m scared she is lonely or is not going to act well when meeting the rest of her flock. What should I do?


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That could definitely be possible! What should I keep the lamp at?
For first week 95 is the general recommendation. I actually think that's a bit high and closer to 90 is better (though some chicks may want it warmer, so you do need to keep an eye on her behavior).

I actually brood with a heating pad, outdoors, so my "cool areas" can be in the mid 40s. So no need to worry is she chooses to spend a lot of time in the cooler section of the brooder, as long as she knows to go towards the warmer area to warm up when needed.


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Jul 26, 2021
We had the same problem with our pheasant rescue.
She got the cuddly toy, but not a mirror.
The "separation anxiety" gets less from about 8 weeks.
She's over 3 months now and quite independent. Although she stills strolls into the house for a hello and sits on my husband's lap if he's in "her" chair.
We let her choose whether she will roost inside the house (on top of the tennis table) or outside by leaving the door open. And she seems to like to alternate.
I would rather have kept the door shut and forced her to completely live outside, but hubby has grown quite attached. 🙈

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