I’ve been exposed to Covid-19, will it spread to my backyard free-range flock?


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Jun 8, 2020
Today a person I live with tested positive for Covid-19. Knowing all the risks etc etc... on a side note, I’m most curious if it could spread to my flock??!
There have been stories where dogs or cats have gotten covid 19. However, poultry is different. A lot of viruses that humans can get, poultry cannot. They cannot get a cold or the flu from you, so they probably can't get covid either. Who knows? This virus is ever changing. But personally, I would not hesitate to take care of my flock if I had covid
No. It will not spread to your birds. 9r cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, snakes, rats, other random cutie pie pet here. ^_^ all are safe. Just not humans. :oops: i had it in may. Hope you recover quickly and it is mild for you.
I don't believe that any transmission from humans to poultry has been observed. Some research was done early on in the pandemic where poultry and swine were purposely inoculated nasally with SARS-Cov-2, none became infected.


Felines, dogs (rare), mink, ferrets, and hamsters are all capable of being infected by COVID-19. It is also possible for them to transmit the virus between animals of the same species (ie one mink can spread it to another mink).
For the most part it is unknown if animals can spread it back to humans. Though there have been reports of workers on mink farms contracting it from infected mink.


The recommendations if you are positive for Covid-19 is that you don't snuggle with your pets, and wash your hands frequently.
We are currently coming to the tail end of it all and the only problem I have encountered is they STILL expect their treats! They dont give a wig how tired you are! Ungrateful witches! LOL!
They are all symptom free and full of themselves!

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