I accidentally drowned a baby chick this morning... Feeling awful & a warning to others!

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    Oct 20, 2014
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    I’m feeling super crummy today. I have a broody bantam Orpington that was raising five baby bantam chicks for me (three D’anvers and two “frizzles), but I lost one early this morning due to my negligence. We’ve been having extremely warm weather, and I’m not sure what I was thinking yesterday when I filled all the water containers throughout my yard, but I went ahead and filled one of the large water bowls as well that sits just outside of the coop.

    I walked outside this morning to gather eggs, and one of the baby frizzles had drowned in the water bowl. I’m upset at myself for not even thinking about the possibility when I filled the bowl up with water yesterday. I’ve been beating myself up about it so far today, pretty sad about losing the little 3-week old chick.

    So, I guess I’m posting this to vent and to remind any of you in a similar situation to just be aware of how dangerous open water bowls can be when you have baby chicks around, especially bantams (they’re so tiny).

    Even more upset at myself, because the bowl is about 6” high, but I’ve noticed the chicks have been growing into their “jumping” phase the past couple of days: finally jumping up the deck stairs and onto the edge of blocks and things. Clearly, the baby thought there was something yummy in the bowl and jumped right in…

    Have any of you had similar experiences? It’s so much harder to get over when I know it’s completely my fault. =(

    NEVER again. I am going to be so much more careful now when chicks are in the yard.
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    Sorry for your loss, and don't beat yourself up, we are all only human and make mistakes. I'm sure you feel terrible, I know I would. We keep our moms and young chicks in a tractor until the chicks are five or six weeks old, for exactly that reason...to keep babies safe and to keep mama hen from losing her mind, lol. She will still be with them when we let them out at five or six weeks old, and by that time they are big enough to avoid certain dangers, and they can run and pay more attention to what they are supposed to. Ours are free range, though.

    If yours are already in a run , best advice is to just remember "once burned, twice learned". You won't make that mistake again and you'll be doubly diligent going forward.

    I once accidentally roasted a chick in the brooder, someone told me to keep the temperature up, and it was too hot. It was the only chick in there. I felt terrible, it was a special baby anyway. It was years ago, I don't even remember the details, but I do remember how terrible I felt (and still do). I never was interested in using an incubator or brooder, ever again.

    Best of luck to you and the rest of the babies and momma.
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    I sadly experienced this today (hence why I looked up the subject). And yes, what an awful feeling when we feel it was due to our actions that the sweet babies died. . But I agree, once burned, twice learned...I've already made things as "chick proof" as possible...but one of the remaining chicks managed to wiggle out of the coop wire (they're only four days old so still very teeny)! So that settled that...mommy hen and the chicks are safely tucked inside my living room in a pack n play! I'm sorry you went through this too....what a crappy feeling.
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    :hugs I'm sorry. I have made this mistake too. Broke my heart to see the mother hen call and call for her drowned chick.
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    My heart truly goes out to you!

    Nothing anyone can say, will take that pain in your heart away.

    Everyone has wished for a time machine, so that they could go back and prevent tragedy.
    You can only learn from these accidents. You will do better for the others, just as all of us here, have done.

    Forgive yourself, no one is perfect. The rest of your chickens are so blessed to have such a kind and caring keeper!

    God Bless and peace to you. :hugs
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    Aug 15, 2016
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    Oh I know! Poor Onyx is being extra cautious and makes sure you know she's watching closely if you touch or handle her remaining chicks.

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