I accidentally trained the wildlife


5 Years
Mar 16, 2018
Rochester NY
When my ducks were old enough for a coop outside, i wanted a way to call my ducks to me. So i made up a tune and whistled it when I gave my ducks a treat. I live on the river and the river ducks caught on. I whistle my tune now and I have like 30-40 river ducks fly in from both directions for corn. It's kinda neat. Has anyone else had anything similar happen?
:gig I have wild Mallard ducks who will visit daily for a snack during breeding season. And if I'm not outside the female will quack very loudly to inform me that she is waiting! At the moment I have a little wild dove who is less scared of me and as a reward it gets fed treats. I just hope the neighbour's cat doesn't get it. :hmm
I had 2 male wild Rio Grande turkeys that I raised from chicks and were completely tame, every spring would call in real wild turkeys with all the gobbling they did. All I had to do was make a loud noise and they would gobble. Pretty hilarious!:lau
Oops, forgot...Howdy:frow :welcome Happy:yato have you join the family. Enjoy your time here at BYC! :)
I do have a video but I have no idea how to upload stuff. It only gives me the option to take a fresh pic or video.

Thats awesome, I love it. Thank you for sharing. Yes i have regulars that ive named that are outside Everytime I go out to do something. They dont even fly away when I shovel the snow or bring firewood in. One river duck eats out of my hand. She even let me pull ice off her beak. It's cool gaining their trust. I'm very honored.
Great story. We had a trio of Mallards that visited for a few weeks. I put out water for them and some bread (all I could think of). and they would take it and dump in the water, then gobble it up. Pretty smart for ducks I thought

Funny it was two drakes and a hen. I figure one drake wasn't good enough. The hen used to bang (peck?) at the screen door to let us know she wanted something to eat & drink.

Then they would lay around our front lawn till they wanted more. Next door neighbor came to ask where we bought our lawn ornaments. I told her they were real ducks. She couldn't seem to figure that out.

After awhile the hen would fly on our outdoor window sill and look into our living room.
It was really funny but, if we got close to the window(from inside) she would fly off. I didn't know then that the males hissed and the female quacked.

Really enjoyed having them around. Next year we had visitors again one drake and one very hefty hen. I don't know if it was the same hen or not but, it did fly on the window sill and look into the house. They only hung around our house and front yard, for a short time and then took off.

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