I adopted some new hens this morning..CUTE PICTURES!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by babychickfarmer, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. So even though I wasn't too thrilled at 7:30 this morning because I was super busy, I am so excited to say that we adopted two new laying hens. Right now they are in a seperate coop inside the coop and I need to know what to do to make them more at home. I am keeping them inside of here for a week, to keep down pecking and diseases.

    Can you tell me what breeds you think these are. Them together to show the difference in size.

    This one is Marilyn. Furry leg and outside toe. normal 4 toes and yellow legs. Also I think she might be bantum, because she is alfully small.
    and her feet

    And then this is Betsy, Bigger, maybe Americauna, green legs, 4 toes and no fur down there.
  2. pixiechick

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    May 23, 2008
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    Pretty girls! I'm not sure about the breeds... maybe mixes? The feather legs and fifth toe mean Marylin might have some silkie or faverolle in her. Betsy looks like an EE to me. Funny, I have an aunt named Marylin whose only daughter-in-law is named Betsy.[​IMG]
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    One looks like an easter egger to me, the one with the feathered feet looks at least part buff brahma?

    Edited to add
    Looked up some Buff Brahma pics and here's a pic of one, looks very similar to your girl there! I'm going to say bantam.
    (from feathersite, love this site!)
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    [​IMG] Congrats!
    Where did you adopt them from>?
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  5. A women who didn't want them anymore, she said she had too many and wanted to cull some but I said NOOOO I want them, she brought them to our farm and now they are going to live a happy organic life.
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    Very pretty birds and lucky too! I would keep them in quarantine for 30 days, just to be sure they are okay.
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    Feathered leg ones is a buff brahma and the other looks like an EE. Very cute!
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    Quote:I second this! You can never be to careful!
  9. well I have someone at my work, that is here with the chickens when I am gone and he decided over the weekend that he would mix them all together.

    I understand why this could be dangerous and I tryed to explain it to him but he is a 60 yr old man (that doesn't know diddlysquat about chickens) and does not think that an 18 year old knows what she is talkin about (even though he probably would have any chickens left if it wasn't for me.)

    I will keep an eye out for any indications any one is sick and keep ya posted.
    Also for banty's, does some measure ments, like how high the roost/nesting areas are, have to be changed..I don't know if marilyn can get into the nesting boxes. ???

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