I almost freaked out


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Jun 28, 2010
Middle Tennessee
Went to the garage to check on the chicks ( two weeks old tomorrow) and several were standing around an area looking at something. As I got closer I saw one peck at the something. Then I saw a chick half buried in the pine shaving. Thought they were attacking it because it had gotten injured somehow. So, I quickly reached for her and she jumped up and ran away. I was so puzzled at first. But as I watched I realized she was the first to discover dust bathing. Next thing I know a couple more are burying themselves in pine shavings. So funny!

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Mar 9, 2014
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lol...first time I saw one of mine "bathing" I thought it was dying...
My husband (the non-chicken experienced person in our house) gave me a heart attack one evening when he yelled at me to, "Come HERE - something is wrong with your chick!" from the bathroom where the brooder was - his tone and urgency had me envisioning horrible things while I was rushing in there.......and then I found her happily dust bathing in the pine shavings. To be fair, to the inexperienced eye it probably *did* look like she was dying.
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