I almost killed a packing peanut


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
my chicks drink alot of water so hubby bought them a new gollon sized waterer...I put pebbles in it ... it was leaking yesterday so my nephew held it up just enoughso i could get my hand under it to move the bedding out from under it... we never saw the chick squeeze under it... about an hour and a half went by... something told me to go count my chicks... only 19 out of 20... I made hubby count he counted only 19... I moved the waterer and there he was... he had trouble walking at first and I removedhim and a friend to another warm container... this morning he is doing great... his name now is"Flat Stanely" I feel horrible... today he will be going back in with the others
sad but funny...
glad he is doing well
I did the same thing with a feeder. I fed the chicks in their enclosure in the morning and then opened up the coop for the big girls to go outside. When I did a count that night I was looking every where and on a whim I lifted the feeder (thought I was being super careful because we did lose a meatie under the waterer one time) and there she was - we named her lucky.
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good thing there was an indention(or he really would have been flat) now ehwn i water I will have someone keeping the chicks away from it while I am putting it back
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I'm glad you found him!

I've done that before too, except one of my chicks flew out of the brooder box while I was cleaning things up and I didn't see it. I shoved the brooder box back up against the wall and went about my morning. Later I went in to check on the babies and had heard a loud, weak, distressed peep. I searched and searched until I finally found my sons chick squished between the wall and the brooder box.
When I pulled the box out she just looked up at me and gave one more loud peep and closed her eyes. I thought she had died.
It scared me to death! I went running outside screaming and crying. My poor DH thought something was wrong with one of the kids and came running! (Poor man!) When I told him what was wrong, he went into the bathroom and scooped the chick up. She opened her eyes when he picked her up so he sat her back in the brooder box. It took a few hours for her to get up and walking around okay, but she is fine and dandy a year and a half later! It's amazing how resilient these little buggers are, isn't it?!?!

Glad your packing peanut is doing well this morning!
Oh I bet you felt so bad! I can't believe he made it those waterers are heavy.

Twice now I have put a large stainless steel bowl in the chicken coop with food scraps. I went out the next day to collect it and when i picked it up (it was upside down) the was one of my hens in a daze under it.

Now I just toss the stuff on the floor.
Yikes! Glad you found him and Flat Stanley is truely a funny name and a story you won't forget. You should get a pic of him and send it around like the Flat Stanley stories.
don't feel too bad its happened to alot of us. i had a chicken go missing and i was so upset thinking that something got her and then pick up a garbage can lid and discover she somehow had gotten underneath it.

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