I almost lost my friendliest chick yesterday!

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  1. My 7 week olds are out in a brand new run and mini-coop with two hens who are recovering from a dog attack. We just finished building it to give the peeps a place to grow up without getting picked on. All total I have 14 in the pen- 5 BLRW, 2 BO, 2 EE, the 2 hens, a speckeled sussex, a partridge cochin, and a polish. And I am sure you know how hard it is to count 14 chickens. I am the only one who generally counts them, and thus it is I who notice them missing.

    My roomie was on door duty that day (letting them out, shutting them in) told me when I got home from work that one of the orpingtons somehow spent the night outside! He went to let them out tuesday morning, and she was standing in the run alone, looking at the closed coop door.

    Baffled by this since there is nowhere to hide in their run, I went out to feed them bagels and see how they were doing. I could only find one orpington. OH NO! I thought. I haven't put up the chickenwire ceiling yet, and she must have been hawk-nabbed! So I look for feathers, blood... bits... and nothing!

    I go get Don (I needed his help getting the waterer open anyway) and he lays down and looks under the coop between the 4x4 beams that form the foundation, and says glumly that he found her. "I think she's dead." he says. "She's laying on her side and she's not moving." And of course, she was about 3 feet back under the coop.

    So we bend some wire into a hook and go to drag her out- he saw her foot twitch! The coop is small 4x5' and only 4' tall, so he lifts up the back end and I try to sweep the chick out. She kicks and struggles, finally gets turned around tothe front and upright and she crawls out into the sunshine unharmed!

    What a relief! Don didn't get a morning headcount... or an evening headcount.... and I hadn't been out there since Sunday to notice her missing. There is no telling how long she was stuck there. It is about a hundred degrees here all day. How long was she without water? She is one lucky peep.

    About an hour later (after I finally got to eat dinner) I went back out to sit with them and sweet little Sunny actually hopped up into my lap. I have had chickens jump on my shoulders before, or into my lap if I had food, but Sunny came for attention. Maybe she was just grateful I noticed her missing and it won't happen again, but maybe my little feathered friend will be one of those lovable, affectionate chickens I hear about but have never had.

    I am so glad she's safe!
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    good to hear shes safe

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