I always thought grass clippings were bad...?


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May 25, 2009
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I always thought grass clippings were bad for critters because they had so much moisture, could get mouldy and such really easy, but alot of people are saying they feed them to their hens.

I wouldnt be worried about long strands of grass (we mow our lawn religiously as we have a little dog who doesnt like being tickled by the grass when she does her business) but is it really okay as food? Should I only give them enough to eat then and there? I dont want to try a new treat and then find out that they're sick because I did something wrong
Some say not too because the might get too long of a piece. My chickens stand waiting at the run door waiting for me to finish mowing because they know i am coming with treats. They like it best when it's wet(fresh cut). They eat their fill and scratch thru whats left. I have had no problems. Good Luck
There's nothing wrong with feeding your chickens a handful of grass or two as long as you don't use chemicals on it. They'll love it! If you're talking about emptying your bagger in there with only 3 chickens, you may well end up with mold problems but a couple of handfuls as a treat every day certainly wouldn't be a problem.
I think the primary concern with grass clippings is it can easily cause impaction. If strands are too long is one way, but also massive gulping of them can cause problems as well. I've lost a hen to crop impaction because of grass clippings and will not feed them ever again. They'll have to get their grass on their own on free range time.
I think you are getting good advice here. When chickens eat grass that is growing they bite off small chunks of it. When it is loose, they cannot bite off chunks and long strands a can impact their crop, potentially killing them. Long strands of cut grass does not kill them each and every time they eat it, but it has that potential.

I don't have experience with it myself, but I've read that some people run the grass through the mower twice or use the grass from a mulching mower to reduce the risk. I've also read that if the grass is 2" long or less, it is not much of a threat. I'd think if it were very small amounts, it would not be a huge threat. It is your decision and up to your risk tolerance.
I agree with the other posts. To be on the safe side I wouldn't bother giving them any grass. If you can let them Free Range then they can pick off small pieces for themselves.
I think the important part to feeding your chickens grass is giving them enuff grit to break down long thick grass blades . too much of anything can be bad for your chickens .

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