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    heard so many women and men be so far off guessing the sex of my Grandchild! My SIL and the other Grandma in this story...both guessed and swore never been wrong and had to eat there words! Even my DH and alot of other people were prepared for the arrival of a Granddaughter today! I am mostly thankful for health but alittle proud to know I was right! My youngest DD guessed a boy as well!
    Dameion Eugene
    7 pounds 2 ounces
    21 inches
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    Thats fantastic! Congratulations all the way around!! [​IMG] [​IMG] Babies are wonderful!!! [​IMG]
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    Félicitations (Congratulations)

    Que l'annulation de commencer =

    [​IMG]Let the spoiling begin !!!
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    Congratulations on your new addition. Everyone said Steven would be a girl because I was carrying him so deeply no one knew I was pregnant. I'm glad he was born so early,,, no one had time to go buy a bunch of pink stuff!
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    I will post pics tomorrow or BYC friends can find me on facebook!
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    A sweet new baby! Congratulations!

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