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Jun 4, 2020
I am a new member, finally. I have been reading everyone's comments and postings ever since I got chickens 4 years ago. I should have signed up then it most likely would have saved me a lot of time and heart aches. Now I can ask questions and give input on the things I have learned over the years. At first I think I was the only o e in my neighborhood that had chickens. Since then I have talked to many people and told them the pros and cons about having chickens. Now there are 6 people in my neighborhood that got chickens. Many more are in the process of getting chickens and building their coops. I never gave much thought to hatching chicks, but now that I have OMG people must put this on their bucket list. I have learned so much from hatching. It's cool to have a dog or cat that has babies, but with hatching chicks you can truly see the stages that babies grow. After witnessing all the stages and how a chick just knows what to. How can anyone say there is no God. I am now doing hatches every year at my daughter's school. Teaching the kids the stages of hatching. I think that it should be mandatory to graduate from high school.

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