I am an Iowan Mama ChickChicken People

Diane Sawyers

Aug 9, 2017
Dear Chicken People:
I love my chickens, they get baby spinach, Romain lettuce, blueberries, raspberries, sweet corn, or mealworms and shelled sun flower seeds morning and night. They also luv left over McDonalds French fries. My Lab, "Chuck", their big brother went to try and partake in their McDonalds feast and Miss Prissy hit him straight on his nose and chased him across the yard - a lab, a bird dog is being bossed by our dominant chick How funny is that??? They r my little buddies! I just ordered them (5 sweet chicks who r run by the Queen Chick, Miss Prissy) 7 more sissies who r big brown egg layers. I luv the Cubs and many afternoons and evenings can be found in the yard on a lawn chair listening to a game on the radio surrounded by a big yellow lab and 5 chicks who all want to sit on my lap. Very gratifying- luv my girls I am completely and utterly committed to my girls. They give me soooo much pleasure. I do not charge anyone for their eggs. I live in the country, work at the VA in Des Moines, Iowa and give my eggs to friends, family, VA employees, and Veterans who are starting out on a new life after treatment for drug abuse, alcoholism or PTSD. I only give my eggs to people I like because my eggs come from "My chicken luv." I am especially proud to give my eggs to VA employees who r single parents, because my children never wanted for their parents or for food. I am the proud Chicken Mama of 5 and soon to be 12 wonderful, loving chickens.

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