I am at my whit's end---6yo still wetting bed


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Oct 23, 2008
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DS#1, bless his heart, has been a bed wetter since day one of potty training.

He's healthy as a horse. We stop all liquids 1-1.5 hours before bed and make him use the facilities 2-3 times before bed each night.

On most nights he wears a pull up. MOST. He fights it every night, hates pull ups because they are for "babies" in his eyes. But, it never fails, the nights he wears a pull up he wakes up dry, and the nights he doesnt he wets the bed. This occurs no matter if its 3 nights with a pull up or 13 nights with a pull up, on the ONE night I let his go w/o he wets himself. He wears underwear under his jammies on the nights w/o so he still has that security so I dont know whats going on!

I get mad and say I'm going to take him to a doctor, but then to think of how embarassed he would be if he were sitting in the office with us talking about this in front of him it breaks my heart. I dont know what to do, but I can tell you I do know I'm sick and tired of washing sheets!

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There are some good bed wetting sites that deal with this problem. You don't want to make it out like it is his fault as he is sleeping and can't help himself. Some kids just outgrow this, good luck and most of be patient even if it is hard to do.


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Oct 15, 2008
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I have a friend who has 7 boys, and had this problem with one of them. He was so embarassed, and of course it was in no way his fault, he was just a really sound sleeper. They bought one of those sensors you attach to their underwear. It beeps at the slightest hint of moisture and wakes the child up. She said it worked within a week. Worth a try, anyway. But yes, he will outgrow this, it just takes longer with some boys. Not a big help, I know.
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I wet the bed up until the 2nd grade. Not every night but still it was bad. Mom and Dad took me to the docs and found I had a tumor like growth on my urethra. Went in, had it removed and never wet the bed again. I was more embarrased to stay the night and wet the bed than to go to the doctors and make sure everything was ok. Good luck with you little boy, I know it's a hard spot to be in.


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Getting mad and making threats only adds to his anxiety. Never , never berate a bed wetting child. Some children take longer than others and there are a multitude of reasons. I would however discuss it with your pediatrition with out you sons knowledge. I would however buy a wetting pad for adults and put it under him.

Explain to him that even some adults have this problem not just "babies". Take the pressure off and reassure him of your love. The worse thing you can do is get mad. Move the time with out drinks up to 2.5 hours and please, please don't discuss this publicly with family. Somethings should be private and this is one. Try to find a reason. Whatever it is accept it and deal with it kindly and privately.

Friend of a former bedwetter



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I had both a brother and a son with this issue. My mom was a great role model in handling it in that she never made my brother feel badly about it.....or nor did she stress about it. When my son had the same problem I handled it the same way.....no getting mad about it, more stress for them just makes it worse for both of you, if he had an accident we changed pj's and sheets and went back to bed. It went on for both of them till early teens.....gradually tapering off until it didn't happen anymore.


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Aug 5, 2009
I would definitely also take him to the doctor to rule out any physical reasons for this. There are some medical things it could be from that are not necessarily easily detected without tests, etc. I definitely agree that he should not be made to feel it is his fault, etc.

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Feb 8, 2010
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i know how you feel. my oldest wet the bed up until her 9 birthday. and now my 4 1/2 year old wets 2-3 times per week. i've done the dr thing and there is nothing they can do. all they will do is give you suggestions. i was also told that bed wetting can be hereditary. quite a few people in my family wet the bed until they were 8-10 years old. so it made me feel better. you might want to get those pull ups that look shorts. i too got very angry at my daughter for wetting too and it didn't help. it just made her feel worse. just keep up with what your doing and tell your son that he is not the only one that wets the bed. it's ok. it WILL pass. so don't make a big deal out of it. if you want, you can tell him about my kids wetting the bed. maybe he will feel a little better. and again, don't stress out over it, it will pass. just keep encouraging going to the bathroom before he goes to bed. if you have any questions, let me know. good luck to your little man.


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Apr 16, 2009
I have one, too. He's 6. I've called his ped. (while he was at school) and asked if there was anything in particular we should be doing or not doing because it bothers him to wear Goodnights. She said the same thing that I knew already, he just hasn't grown a big enough bladder to hold it yet and he sleeps too soundly to wake up. And BOY does that kiddo sleep soundly! lol. I think you could run a train in there and he'd have no clue. We treat it as no big deal here. The only time we really discuss it is when I ask if he's running low and needs me to buy more.

The pediatrician told me that if he's still having the issue when he turns 7 then she'll talk with him and consider putting him on some sort of medication they have that helps them reduce urine output at night (at least that's how I understood it) but it sort of depended on how bad it was, how upset he was, etc., if she'd go that route because she's like me and doesn't like to medicate 'just because.' She told me that two of her daughters were late in being dry at night, too. One was 9 and one was 10 and they would use the medication when they went on sleepovers or to church camp, but not at home.

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DS is 16 and still wets the bed at least 3 times a week. We have been to the Urologist and no physical issues...just a sound sleeper.

DS has a great Uncle on my side who wet his bed until he went into the Marines at age 19 and an Uncle on his Dad's side that wet the bed until he was in his teens also.

I think if you can rule out any physical issues then you just have to do what the others suggested and be patient.

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