I am Back! Eggs Sale! :)

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    Mar 29, 2009
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    Alright! I'm back people! Did ya miss me?


    Not really?

    I tried! Anyways, I'm looking to find homes for some eggs and remove some egg cartons I've been saving up for awhile... so here is my egg sale!

    Sorry no photos right now, but you can check my background - I've had good feedback and hatch rates most the time! I'm always there to help and would be more than happy to help ya out with MOST things!

    I will be throwing in a bunch of random mix eggs, since I have about 32432423 broody hens and am finally getting some pullets to lay eggs! YAY! So eggs are in short supply for me to be able to get a dozen of each type (really, ALL my birds have become broody at LEAST once... blame it on my one show silkie T_T LOL). If you want a certain kind in the future, let me know and keep me bookmarked!

    I am selling in lots of 1/2 a dozen, 2 1/2 dozen or 1 dozen and as always, I will always throw in extras! [​IMG] (except the half dozen!). Expect to get Purebred French Black Copper Marans, purebred Silkies, Purebred Light Sussexes, Purebred Cuckoo Marans, Purebred Blue Laced Red Wyandottes and Purebred Speckled Sussexes and maybe even some Purebred Lakenvelders. You will also get crosses of Red Cochin Bantams, Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, Barred Rock, Lakenvelders and Welsummers - also note you may get mixes of the above purebred birds [​IMG]

    I cannot really tell you what you will or will not get, but I promise you will get an assortment. If you want egg layers or larger breeds or bantams, let me know and I can work around it! [​IMG]

    Prices go as stated and includes shipping:
    1/2 dozen = $15
    1 dozen = $25
    2 1/2 dozen = $45

    I ship and packaged well [​IMG] Most times I will give you a discount on next order if less than 1/2 your eggs hatch out! [​IMG] I am confident in my birds and most people have been too [​IMG]

    I take paypal OR postal money orders [​IMG]
    Feel free to message me! [​IMG] Or email me at [email protected]

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