I am baking today!!


12 Years
Nov 30, 2007
My Dh has got in a habbit of sweets. Friday I made a homemade chocolate cake for our anniversery. Today I have got amish friendship bread going in the oven right now. He absolutly loves it. so I am going to fry chicken, already made fresh green beans gonna mash some potatoes and make some rolls. I am really debating on the fried chicken or making Italian (marinated) chicken I really don't know yet I will probably fry it though he likes fried chicken and so do the dd's. I am fine with just green beans myself and a slice of tomato.
Sounds deliciously fun!

well I decided to do marrinated in bbq sauce instead . OH man it was wonderful we ate supper at 3:30 . I thought of everyone of you. (lol) only thing is there are too many leftovers so I think Im gonna call my brother in law and have him come and get them. They love my cooking.

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