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    Feb 1, 2013
    I have a 10 year old male pigeon that will soon be 11 but i was wondering if he could still breed with my young pigeon which is not even 5 months yet. they are mating on a regular bases. they started 8 days ago and ever since have been mating and kissing. my question is the young female able to lay eggs this soon and how old can my male pigeon mate for untill he becomes to old to mate propurly and the last question is when should i start seeing eggs
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    I have heard of male pigeons still being virile well into the double digits when it comes to age. I do not think that side of the equation is going to pose an issue in your case (my honest opinion).

    Conversely your female where she is only 5 months old will need more time before all her egg developing equipment is ready to produce.

    I will say on average it is going to take another month for most hens to be ready. I would be surprised if they had eggs before then. If she does lay before it will probably be just one egg and it may or may not hatch.

    Best of luck 210175
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    if she does lay an odd shaped or sized egg/s only, after two weeks to month, you may want to toss them till you get two good eggs, that will have good chance of developing and hatching, then growing easier and better for parents to fledge. your young female and older male may do better on layer chicken pellets for now until you have gotten some fledgling squeakers out of them first, then see how they do without the added help, just dont give grit with it as seen first time parents choke newly hatched squeakers with grit seeds and feathers, so pellets that just turn to dust seem to work good in odd situations like this. ive had hens start laying at four months, and others not until well over a year old or older. homers and rollers supposedly are early and great breeders though.
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