i am calling my 2 peacocks-the little faulkers!!


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Jul 30, 2010
these 2 tame 6 month old peacocks,have such personalities!
the one always jumps from perch to ground,about twenty times,come dusk!
then sometimes leaves to too late,and cannot see to return to the perch,then gets lost,and ends up 2 blocks away the next day!!,of course ,as these guys are inseperable,the other follows!!
this has happened twice.
me having to go down the street and pick up the tame one,and then the other follows!!lol
only once have they tried to get out during the day,but always have been near by.
well today,came home,and NO PEACOCKS!!
went indoors,put on my running shoes,and preperd to go down the street,when!!,i heard the familiarsounds that these guys make.
they were there at my gate!!,they must have seen me pull up and park my car!!!!!,as it was just minutes,and they were there!!lol
opened the gate,and they ran back in!
seems these guys get lost ,if they fly off at night,but during the day,seem to know where they live!!,but cant figure out how to jump the 4 feet fence to get back in!!!
I know what you mean!

When we had our first peacock, years ago, she would see my husband stop his van at the end of our long driveway to get the mail out of the box when he came home from work, & she would fly down there & greet him & perch on top of the rails on the roof of the van & ride it back to the house. She was something else!

Peacocks are personality plus & always entertaining!

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