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May 11, 2010
Borger, TX
So for the past month I have been grieving the death of my Saint Bernard. He was still very young and could have been saved if the vets had been competent and perhaps actually cared about animals.

Then again, I seem to be coming accross a lot of this lately. You know, people in some kind of animal buisness that don't actually care about the animals. Vets, shelters, etc... Remember when Breeders use to be the bad guys? Man are they saints compared to what I've been dealing with lately!

So here's the story:

I've been activly searching for a dog to help fill that giant hole of loss and I admit I have been very picky. I have personally visited every shelter in the area numerous times and have searched the entire state of FL on Petfinder.com. I have filled out dozens of applications for rescues and shelters all accross the state. I can give credit to only one so far, the Okeechobee Humane Society Pet Rescue but being the only people who have actually done nay kind of buisness with me. These people actually care and in the end I will probably adopt a dog from them when I feel they have one suitable. This is also why I donated 3 boxes of pet supplies to them.

However, most of the rest have ignored me or responded with crap. SOme say my application has been approved but they do not feel they have a dog suitable for me. Really? You know a puppy or a young dog with its whole life ahead of it that still could use training could not adapt to my household? Ok whatever, I guess it's better than some of the other denial excuses. Apparently you have to have a 6 foot high fence to adopt a 1 foot tall dog (though halfan acre of my property is completely fenced, it's only4 feet high) or you have to live right up the street from a shelter to adopt one of their dogs.

Well, the worse experience I have had so far has been over this guy:


See, I live in Fort Pierce and he is being fostered in Jacksonville. The shelter denied me because I didn't live within 90 miles. Something just felt right about this dog. It was like all the pieces of the puzzle were finally fitting together. I offered to take pictures and videos of my place for the home inspection, or have another reputable shelter come do it, offered frequent video and photo updates, to drive up myself and visit him and get him, to make the drive back up again myself should the dog not work out, I offered every reference they could ever want, double the adoption fee, even offered to have everything I've promised drawn up in a legal binding contract at my own expense. All of this work done by me and they wouldn't have to do anything. I offered the world for this dog and do more than go the extra miles. They still turned me down. I have been arguing with these people for weeks over it. They won't even give me a chance. They finaly tell me they think I'm "A couple of bubbles off to be so obsessed by this dog."

I was always told anything worth having is worth fighting for and I believed that since I was willing to go above and beyond to have the dog that they should be able to expect great care for the dog from me. I spent thousands of dollars trying to save the life of my previous dog and would offer no less to any other.

This is the dog I want. Am I really so crazy for trying so hard to get him?
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So sorry for the hassle your going through.
would you settle for a one-eyed weiner dog?
What are the things all these many organizations are turning you down for? What is your yard fence like specifically, and what is there about your situation that might be a negative? Are you gone much of the day? Other dogs already? Anything else?

Did the organization REALLY require a six foot fence for a 12 inch dog, or is it just that your fence is not considered adequate in general? Many people don't have adequate fencing for a dog. Many people that have dogs don't have adequate fencing. I'm sure the organizations don't want to add to that.

I think that your very negative attitude that everyone is bad and unfair, that you are so bitter and angry about the loss of your other dog, is bound to come across very negatively. I think statements like all vets are bad and none care about animals are going to get you in trouble, because they are unfair generalizations and untrue, and insult many, many people, not just vets but also tech workers and fostering and rescue organizations they work for.

I think first of all, ditch the very negative attitude, and yes, I do think it is wrong to be too focused on one specific dog, especially so much that one organization refers to you as 'obsessed'.

Instead of thinking about how wrong it is for people to say these things, think about why they are saying them and what you can change. Some fence repair or replacement, some changes to your attitude, can go a long long way.

I am sorry your dog died. But blaming everyone else publicly, that to me is a red flag saying 'be careful, watch out'. Not that every vet is perfect, but when I hear a person blaming everyone else for their misfortunes, I am concerned - seriously concerned. If I am going to foster an animal to someone, I want to be sure that they are not a 'it's everyone else' type of person.

To top it off, the 'incompetent vet that killed your dog' may be someone they work with regularly and have a high opinion of. In fact, the vet may not be incompetent at all, and it only looks this way to your grieving, hurt point of view.

If I have a 17 year old dog that gets a stroke and I take him to the vet and they can't help him, I am not going to blame them. If they can't diagnose an unusual or strange disease immediately, I don't blame them, I am just going to work all the harder to try to help them meet their goal. If they can't patch up severe injuries after the dog escapes from my house, I don't blame them. I look at veterinary care as a partnership, I have responsibility, the vet has responsibility.

I had a vet that did not treat a dog's eye problem properly. It was under treated and did not clear up. I informed the vet clinic that I was dissatisfied, and would go elsewhere, and I did. But the situation was not right to start with and I knew it. The dog saw a different vet every time at the clinic and many were not experienced. I knew that, and I was not comfortable with it. It was my own fault I kept going to the same place. It was really, my own fault I did not change to another practice. Earlier, the practice had been two or three vets, all of whom I trusted. I kept going when the practice expanded and hired many vets I was not comfortable with. That was my fault, my choice. Nobody twisted my arm.

When a vet is not competent, there are usually early warning signs before a catastrophe. We can heed them. Having a strong relationship with a good vet is just one other part of a dog owner's responsibility. My vet, people drive from another state to see. He is that good. I trust him. And if he makes a mistake, I trust that he is trying his best and is human and fallible, just like me.

And just as I can't always prevent a tragedy from happening, my dog may get loose or my car could get stolen and the dog thrown out loose on the street, and as well I am not perfect, I also don't expect my vet to be infallible, human beings are not perfect every second. Me as well as the vet. I try to be understanding of other's mistakes. Perhaps there were symptoms I missed, or perhaps I didn't know a symptom was significant and ignored it. I can always be better too. So I am realistic when others make mistakes. I realize the next time it will be my turn, and the mistake will be mine.

Part of dealing with rescues and humane societies is about knowing how to approach people and make a good impression, and to holster the grief, anger and bitterness for a few minutes, and not judge them or their associates quite so quickly. They have their rules for a reason. They are trying to accomplish something.

That impression is important. A lot of that is just being relaxed, confident yet humble, and cooperative. Instead of bitter and defensive.
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Judgemental much?

I didn't say ALL vets were bad, just the one that dealt with my dog and I am not the only one who believes so. Since my incident I have had at least a dozen other horror stories surface about the same clinic. Personally my vet back in TX was truly excellent. More costly than the other local vets but I didn't mind one bit because the quality of his service was top notch. Since moving here I have had dealing with vets who are good at what they do but have horrible bedside manner. I can look past that because they did their job well. These vets had nothing good I can speak of. I have since found a new vet who is quite excellent. She truly does care and she and every vet I have spoken to about what occurred with this other vet are totally apalled by what they did to my family. Forgive me for not discussing the situation in detail because it is quite painful for me to go into it. The short version of it, Barley suffered bloat. Within 15 minutes of recognizing the symptoms I rushed him to the only emergency vet within reachand the treatment we recieved there was horrible. When I refused to sign euthanasia papers they threatened to call the police. My boyfriend (who was listed as the dog's co-owner) finally gave in and signed. Bloat is completely curable with a simple surgery during which time they can also perform a simple procedue to prevent future occurances. Again I wish to not discuss details as I am already getting teary eyed just thinking of it. I am only bitter towards these vets.

My fence is a hogwire horse fence. And yes the exact reason was because my fence was not 6 ft tall. We do have other pets, all spayed and neutered, not an over abundance and well within the legal limit for the size of the house and property we own. All of our animals are UTD on vaccines and well trained and well behaved. I work a normal 8 hour day at a job where my dog is allowed to accompany me. There are 4 adults in my household all with different work schedules so someone is always home.

If you sit and think for a minute you would catch that I said the dog I want is in Jacksonville and that I am in Fort Pierce. It would be only natural to assume that I brought the dog a local vet and I HIGHLY doubt a local vet would have dealings with a shelter 4 hours away that wont adopt outside a 90 mile radius. Barley was not old, he was only 14 months old, SAR trained and very healthy. He died for nothing. My previous dog, Sleepy was 17 and did not die from the severe cancer she had but rather from choking. We had brought her to the vet to have the cancer removed yet again but he had found it had spread too far down her esophagus. She was still kind of loopy from her meds and anethesia when she went to eat her dinner that night. I did not blame the vet for that incident, I in fact blamed myself for months for leaving the food down. I in fact owe that vet so much more than the thousands of dollars we spent on her surgeries and treatments because his excellent care gave her another good 3 years of life.

I have been very polite in my dealings with the many shelters and rescues and have offered and given everything they asked for and more. This has been going on for over a month now, though, and I am tired of being put off and ignored or otherwise given lame excuses. If a month is not enough time for me to pass judgement on these people then please give me an idea of what you believe is an adequate time frame. Most of these places I have been dealing with via e-mail. Quite a few I have called to inquire about the status of my application. As said before, many are not even polite enough to return a phone call or e-mail. The ones whom I have spoken with I have been very polite and friendly with, and have explained my situation to fully. They all agree with me on the situation with the vet as well and many of them admit to a bad experience or 2 there and would never take another animal there ever. Some places I've called I have even sounded downright pitiful on the phone with my voice getting shaky and sniffly as I describe the event that occurred to them. I don't know what about me came off as being rude, bitter or defensive (though I admit to this post being written a bit rudely) but I believe I came off exactly as the person I am and couldn't be any more real or honest.
If you're still intent on adopting this dog, get the Humane Society involved. Write to them and recount to the best of your knowledge what you have offered with names and dates of who you spoke with. State your case and maybe they can supercede for you. I know what it's like to begin fighting for something and after awhile it becomes more of a quest. I can't say that the SPCA can help but someone has to govern adoption agencies and that is the best place to start. Good luck and I'm so sorry for your loss.
I'm not being judgemental, I'm responding to exactly how you sound and what you said in your first post. Frankly, after that first post I would also be running as fast as I could in the opposite direction. You just sound so...ANGRY. And blaming.

And so the rescue if 4 hrs away? It's a small world, my dear, a very small world.

Yes, I do feel hog fence, what we call hog fence here, is very inadequate for a dog, even dangerous. Not only can your dog get out, others can get in. How about putting some smaller mesh fence on it? Why not try to meet them half way?
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OOh no! I didnt know you lost your Saint!! How sad!!..

I see that he passed from bloat?? UGh.. thats my biggest fear... i had Dukes stomach tacked to help prevent it... but still Saints are really prone to it..

What happend? How come they couldnt open him up and save him?? So sorry..

As for shelters... yup... now you see why i dont mess with them?? Find a saint breeder.. or find a saint rescue?? (dont know if they'll be any better though..).. or Beekissed might be getting saint mix pup soon... not sure if she lives anywhere by you?? Scan you local papers for breeders...
Dont beg and grovel to those jerks... sadly..its the dogs loss... idiots.
Maybe write the head of their shelter?? Tell them how you were treated?? Call the darn news station... tell them theres a great dog in need of a home and you really want to save him and you are being denied.. for sick reasons...
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Your dog died of bloat? That is a big problem with many big dog breeds. And the dog can be dead in a few minutes. In the first few moments the stomach can twist so severely it tears right off the esophagus. How did the bloat come to be the vet's fault?
Post #4 explains it somewhat.. she felt the dog didnt get the correct emergency treatment for bloat... i think...
ok... not to go off topic, but I am now worried, I have a St. Bernard who is almost 1, I never heard of bloat,,someone explain this to me??

to the OP, I am sorry about your loss, my dog pen is constructed of 2x4's and 3inch by 3 inch steel mesh, super strong since I have big dogs, and I want to keep other large animals out that live in my area. The rescue shelter in town came to inspect my dog pen because I foster dogs when ever they have a surplus and no homes for the rescues. I can have the big dogs here, but nothing small cause they can get out. I hope you find a solution soon, or maybe just for another dog of the same breed you are looking for elsewhere.

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