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    Nov 9, 2007
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    DSD #1 and the GS are visiting for thanksgiving. DSD #2 has been visiting daily.
    #1 is always teasing me about being set in my ways and it's true. We are empty nesters and DH and I both have a certain routine that we follow each day.
    For instance, when I take my shower (at the same time each night) I go into the bathroom, reach my arm thru the shower curtain and turn the faucets on while I get the rest of my shower supplies ready. When I'm all set, I pull back the curtain just enough to step in the shower. This has been the way I take a shower for a long time, with no mishaps.
    Last night was different. I went through my routine, stepped into the shower and immediately felt something squishy and just a tad bit slippery under my foot. [​IMG]
    I immediately moved my foot and looked down, sans eyeglasses, and saw something long and green sorta floating around in the water. I wasn't sure because I really can't see much without my glasses, but this thing appeared to have teeth! [​IMG]
    I jumped back out of the shower, grabbed my grabbed my glasses and discovered.....

    the GS's rubber alligator. [​IMG]
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    I just KNEW it would be a tub toy!!! We have the same issues with DS6's toys.
    They also seem to roam.I keep telling them their toys do NOT belong in our room or the kitchen or my bathroom but he is determined to ~share the love~.
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    Aug 25, 2008
    [​IMG] Nothing like the unknown in the shower! Especially when you can't see it!

    BTW, I shower the same way- DH gets in and then turns the water on- the man is impervious to freezing water! [​IMG]
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    Oct 18, 2007
    Quote:Change your routine, I always have my glasses on till I get in the shower, they need washin too, plus am blind without them.

    Maybe you should let the dog in the shower to protect you from now on.

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