I Am Flabbergasted!!!!!!!!! Prescription Cost....

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Jan 10, 2009
I work for a business that employs 26 employees. My employer pays for half of our health insurance premium. Because of economic times, our plan changed and only covers generic drugs and has higher co-pays and out of pocket expenses...

One of my co-workers was very sick and went to the emergency room. He was diagnosed with c/diff(Clostridium difficile) which is a bacterial infection of the intestine and could be life threatening. He had taken 3 rounds of Cipro in the last 4 months for a sinus infection, and 2 urinary tract infections prescribed by his doctor. They think that this is how he got the c/diff. They would not give him the antibiotic in the hospital for this type of infection that he needed, probably because they knew that our insurance only pays for generic..they wrote him a prescription for it.

His wife went to the pharmacy to get it filled this morning..and the cost.....$2400.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no generic drug comparable.....This is just so unbelievable to me that a prescription would cost that much. The pharmacist told him that they could probably knock off about $400.00...so WTH???

We all go to work everyday and still try to stay afloat..now he is trying to find where he is going to get the money to pay for the prescription that he needs to get better...

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Whispering Winds

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Jan 14, 2009
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And you mean to tell me there was NO samples in the doctor's office . . .bull, well, dang it anyway. CALL the doctor and tell them this is ridiculous, and they need to find him some samples FAST. Those pharma. (can't spell that big word
) salesmen leave samples out the WAZOO all the time and every time they are in there, and they have more than one a week . . .that is crazy. We are SO blessed with our insurance, only $14 for a three month supply, but DH takes 13 + two insulins, so its still a chunk every three months, but I never complain. It's still $14 for an antibiotic too at CVS. . .
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Apr 5, 2010
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That is ridiculous and very few people could afford that. I would contact personal MD and put it in his hands or go back to the ER. They can give him IV antibiotics in the ER and they can bill him. There are other drugs that treat this condition but most MDs will go with the most effective first. The doctors in the ER usually don't know what the insurance will pay or not. They just write the scripts.


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Apr 30, 2009
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Often pharmaceutical companies have programs for low income individuals. Perhaps he will qualify?

As a nursing student I've been around carriers and worry about picking up C. diff somehow. What a nasty disease, and becoming quite the hospital acquired infection. It's as scary as MRSA if not more so.
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