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    May 2, 2011
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    At my work I am frequently required to work a double (16hr) shift. I worked one on the 13th. When I got my pay stub I noticed there was no overtime pay on it. I called them and told them that I didn't get paid for my double. I was told that since I clocked in at 2:00 p.m and clocked out at 6:00 a.m it fell on two different days and does not qualify as a double [​IMG] [​IMG] (excuse me, I worked 16 hrs straight through!). Also if my replacement shows up 2 hrs late and I have to stay over I do not get overtime for it, as at 10:00 pm it becomes hours worked for the following day. This means that the p.m. shift is blocked from getting over time even if we are forced to stay over. If I clock in at 6:00 a.m. and clock out at 10:00 p.m. I would then qualify for the double shift pay.
    I worked for another place, 12 hour shifts, 6 am to 6 pm. They would have me clock out at midnight and then clock in one minute later to avoid paying me overtime. I took them to the labor board and got $7000.00 (they only owed me $800.00 in over time, the rest was penalties). Also This place that I work for has failed to pay me show up time pay for meetings for 3 years. I worked noc shift. I would get off of work at 6 am and have to be back at 11 am 4 times a month for payday and in house inservices. Some of these meetings would last for 15 minutes. I am doing an 80 mile round trip for these meetings. I guess on Thursday I am going to go file a complaint with the Labor Board.
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    Hope it works out! [​IMG]
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    I think that is pretty standard. If the work falls on two days, you don't get over time. Most places do it that way.

    If you are not happy where you are working, I suggest you start using your days off to go around and submit your resumes to other employers. Your new employer will probably not pay over time for hours worked on different days, either.
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    File the complaint. They are trying to get away with not paying you overtime that you deserve. Many employers pay overtime for shifts over 8 hours, regardless of the days they fall on.
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    Oct 13, 2010
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    pretty sure that those hours are overtime by CA law... because under CA law you don't go from overtime down to straight time in a consecutive work period, regardless of calendar date... at least that's how it was for my ex at SoCalEdison. pay can go up in one sequential work peroid, it never goes back down until you've had an end-of-work-period and rest. date doesn't matter, sequentially worked hours do.

    time to go back to the labor board.
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    I always got paid more if I worked past an 8 hour shift. Like when I was a nurse aide working 3pm-11pm and 11pm-7am.

    Good luck with the complaint.
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    If I remember right, in order for them to avoid overtime in that situation is to have a 4 hour break in between the two shifts, otherwise it's considered O/T after 8 hours, unless you are an agreed 4-10's or 3-12's. Follow the link provided, print out was is applicable and show it to your superiors. Then if you don't get any changes, go to the board. Document everything.
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    Apr 12, 2011
    I wish you all the best of luck, file the complaint and I hope it works out in your favor!
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    Apr 15, 2011
    Yep, that is ridiculous. I have gotten pickier in where I work. Worst job I probably had was straight out of college. Husband and I had to work back to back twelve hour shifts that we commuted to, so we had to take turns sleeping in the car. Some employers are more willing to be blissfully ignorant/grind their workers in to the ground than others. You can probably call these guys out for the meeting pay falling through at least.

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