I am getting a nubian

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  1. Hi! I have decided to get a nubian goat would it stay in a 39" high fence with my pygmys and poultry ? also could you post some pics of your nubians
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  2. MissJames

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    Quote:Yesterday I came home from picking my son up from school and our 3 month old Nubian cross was in the front yard.Our fence to their pasture is 48''.I have no idea how she got out.The others were still in.I think she may have used the salt block.The fence is in excellent shape and the gate was locked.[​IMG]
    39 inches would be nothing to a Nubian IMO.
  3. gaited horse

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    Aug 14, 2008
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    I want a nubian
  4. Yeah but there will be nothing around the fence that they would even think to get out.you may be right but I just could not see a goat really jumping over something that high
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    Quote:Well sorry to burst you bubble but you need to rethink the fence. There does not need to be anything around for them to get out. They just will b/c they can.
    They are busy bodies, ever herd the saying the grass is awlays greener on the other side that holds very true for goats.

    Goats are GREAT climbers. Just the slightest lip in the wood and they will climb it.
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    We have nubians that can clear 4+ feet. Actually, we had a sheep once that went clear over my mother's head..she's like 5'5".
    I would string 4 foot, then put electric on top.
    Man, if there is a rock that they haven't seen before, they will jump the fence. They will jump the fence to follow you out of the pen. They will jump because they are bored. They will even appear to have competitions (one jumps, then the other, then they go back...) Don't be discouraged, just know that you better not be near a road if that's what kind of fence you have.
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    I, too, have seen them jump more than 3 feet like it was no sweat, just something to do.
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    Quote:Why ask the question if you have your mind made up of the answer?

    No, unless you have a well behaved Nubian she will NOT stay behind that fence. Possibly if she was electric trained and an old doe (they are less adventurous) she might stay in there the majority of the time, but there are always the times when she is in heat looking for a buck, or maybe you are an hour late with feeding and/or milking, or you have weaned her kids off her.

    All those situations she wont think twice about clearing that fence. And clear it she will. I have two NubianxBoer wethers that can clear a 6 foot high fence without even clicking their heels on the top rail. They can do it from a standstill as a bounce, or as a running leap, either way doesnt bother them.
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    Quote:Well, again,my opinion is 39 inch fence won't keep a large breed goat in. I'm guessing you suspected that since you asked the question.Mine are still babies and could probably walk over a 39 inch fence.
  10. I don't have my mind made up lol i have just never seen a goat jump that high I did not say they couldn't I have just never seen my pygmy goats jump that high. anyways are all large breeds like this? any that's not so entergetic someone told me angora goats was not so bad can you tell me about them. but if there is a preferably dairy goat that is not as wild as the nubian let me know

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