I am GETTING a PUPPY tomorrow!


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
I am getting a poppy tomorrow! I am SOO excited! Any tips or advice?

Thanks, Chickenbarn-Gal
My advice is be patient with him/her and we have learned the hard way never to call them to you to correct their behavior, they learn real quick not to come to you

What kind are you getting?
A chocolate labrador.. His father is certified, and the puppy's confirmation is very good. The puppy is SOO cute!
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I love puppies!!!!

To bad ours grew up, she's all big now!!!

Pics will be required when he arrives.
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Same with ours. OP, here's some advice: Train that dog when it's a puppy. He will not listen to you when he's older.
He'll do the trick only if he sees a treat, otherwise...

Yeah, definitely train him while he's a pup. Oh, and just a warning right here. Dogs LOVE chicken poop. To eat. It's disgusting.

Other than that, I'm happy for you! Who doesn't like dogs?
Congratulations! Pictures of puppies are required!

One of the best tips I can give is ~ crate train! I have 2 German Shepherds that were crate trained from day one and still sleep in their crates at night and are crated when we go away. It is their "safe place" and they often go there on their own when they are tired.

Also ~ PLEASE ~ remove the puppy's collar whenever he is crated as many dogs have been strangled while crated due to getting their collars or tags caught on the crate.

Another tip ~ make sure he is micro-chipped and the information is kept up to date.

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