I am getting some Narragansett hatching eggs......

momma's chickens

11 Years
Mar 10, 2008
I have been looking for turkey poults or hatching eggs for a month now locally because the weather is still freezing at night and I was afraid shipping would be hard on them. I have placed ads on Craiglist locally and even up to 200 miles away because we will be making two trips, one for medical reasons and one for a church event. Tonight a lady emailed me through Craiglist and we have writing back and forth and she has turkey eggs. I am so excited. I advertised for any turkey eggs but she has the kind I really wanted. Woo-Hoo! I will be hatching turkeys!

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12 Years
May 12, 2007
Hendersonville NC
How exciting for you!!! Is this your first hatch?? Please keep us posted on how it is going. Good luck too!! Turkeys are sooooo much fun!! I LOVE hatching baby turkeys. They're always so pretty.

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