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Chicken Girl

11 Years
Dec 31, 2008
Bantam Cochins today. I was woundering what i should be looking for as far as health. I have healthy birds and i would die if my flock got sick! So do any of you guys have any advise that would be helpfull? Thank you so much!

Chicken Girl
You don't want:
watery or matted eyes
bubbles in eyes
runny or matted nose with a foul smell
dull, matted, or mottling feathers (This is still heavy mating season, so a mature hen with some missing back/head feathers may not be any cause for concern except for her looks value. She'll molt and get new feathers.)
black, purple or white comb (should be healthy pink or red)
a sharp protruding breast bone as that could mean it is underweight and sickly.
a rattling in the chest when breathing
poo encrusted bottom
scales on legs that are rough and turned up from mites
mites among the feathers (check around vent or under wings) -- treat new birds for mites whether you see them or not.
twisted beak or crooked toes
hunched down and head/neck tucked in. (You want to see the bird walking around and holding its head high.)

I think that covers it.

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