I am going trick or treating with Bird and MayMay

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  1. oh my... yup, Bird and May May are getting ready to head out trick or treating. [​IMG] I am wiating for them to come out of the coop so I can take photos. I can ONLY imagine what they will be doing this year..... we will just have to wait and see the photos..........

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. oh oh oh.... I got em!!!!!i took their cute little fuzzy butt photos!!!!!!! OMG they were sooooo precious! Angel went as an Angel, Princess went as a Princess! it was just adorable. They went door to door and got treats from thier neighbors. It was so darn cute. I took tons of photos.

    The batteries went dead, and I cant find the charger or the camera to computer cord [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] well, they will be up tomorrow from work at the latest....

    happy Halloween everyone!

    Luv, 'Bird and his fluffy butts. [​IMG]
  6. got it one way or another, i dont know HOW i did it, but hereeeeeees MayMay!!!


    Cute little dress up dollbutton!!! She was NOT happy and ran from me.


    Then Princess got into the act. She loved the girly girlness of it all. You dont think she was named Princess for nuthin do ya??????? [​IMG]

    The purse was a little to heavy for her, and she wanted the pink boa more than the angel wings....




    then she got mad and had had enough. She turned around snubbed her beak at me and left.!!!!!

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    Adorable! What kind of treats did they get?
  8. they all got lots of scratch and peanuts in the shell unsalted of course.... such a happy famiily!!!!
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    I love the pearls! [​IMG]
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    That is soo cute! [​IMG]

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