I am in awe of broody hens!


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14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
Broody hens are amazing. They do their job much better than us humans do.

I've been blessed with several broody hens. Jethro the silkie and Doe the SF being the best. Sadly, Doe passed away awhile back but Jethro is going strong.

Think about it. Jethro knows when it's okay to leave her eggs for awhile and for how long it's okay to leave them - depending on temps. and humidity levels. Yesterday when temps. were triple digits and humidity was horrible she left her nest for more than a hour. She enjoyed herself scratching around, bug chasing and dustbathing. When she returned to her eggs she didn't sit on them, but rather hovered over them; turning each one as necessary.

Two days before hatch she will instinctively stop turning her eggs and will sit tight. She will also instinctively know exactly how long her newly hatched chicks will need to be covered to dry and when to bring them out and show them how and what to eat.

Broody hens amaze me. (And I'm also excited about having bantam cochin chicks in seven days!
Yep, I've got eggs in the bator and under the broody. Somehow she does it better.
I hoping this particular mama takes a break after this bunch. She's nearly impossible to break, but I can't let her hatch every time.

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