I am joining the ranks of the unemployed- Laid off today


11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
Dutch Flat, CA
Well I was hoping to make it to my 20 year Anniversary at the computer company I work for but it's not to be. My last day of employment will be Dec 12th, they laid me off today
20 years would have been January 21st, 2010.

I won't miss the actual job but I will miss the people, the company( at least the one I knew the first 10 years of employment) and of course the benefits, working from home and pay. I am looking forward to doing something different although I wish I wasnt losing my medical benefits when I was just diagnosed with Graves Disease.

Oh well.... wish me luck, prayers, good vibes, whatever you can spare as I start a new chapter in my life.


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I'm so sorry... and so very tired of hearing these stories day after day.

Two huge stimulus packages and more unemployment...

I guess we got change.
I would like my completely unpaid for college education loans to go away... that would be my stimulus since I can't find a full time job in order to pay the said loans off.....
I'm getting cut back to 20 hours a week the end of this month, my husband's job is also "iffy".

It's OK, we're all going to make it through this & come out better than we were before. Gotta believe that.

Sending you hugs and know you are not alone.
Change is about all we have left here at my house.

So sorry Nancy-I hope the new chapter in your life is happy and rewarding for you.
OH NANCY!!!! Are you gonna be ok financially for at least a while?? I just prayed for you to find a job right before this one ends, so start looking.

I am thinking of the guy that prayed every night of his life to win the lottery. The Lord finally looked down and bellowed BUY A TICKET!

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it.

Deb, I will get a severance package that will tide me over for a few months and should be able to get unemployment but I guess I'll have to check into that. I would like to find something as quick as possible but I know it's tough right now.

I know through the holidays I can work for Shari's berries as I work for them part time every holiday for extra money.. guess I better call and tell them I want full time this year. It's not much but it's better than sitting around and the chocolate perks are good

I can also refresh my tax preparing skills and do that again... so hopefully I'll be okay until I find something permanent and hopefully with medical.

I'm calling my doc tomorrow to see if i can get in earlier than the end of the month as I did an scan today that she wanted results from... I'd like to get going on whatever the treatment is asap with the good insurance I have now.

Thanks again .

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