I am just totally flabbergasted...


I Am THE Crazy Duck Lady
11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
So Ever since I started ducks Ive only ever gotten one or two eggs MAX from my birds...

Yesterday They were using two nests and I had 16 eggs total.
Today... three nests and 21 eggs total


Thats five more eggs.

Now in the one nest, My Magpie and Cayuga ( both older layers ) are sharing so when it went from 11 eggs to 13 eggs it was no surprise.

But when i checked on the nest of Astro - one of the buff crosses - it had cone from 5 eggs to 8!!

I mean there are at least two differnt coler eggs in the nests, so Im thinking i have two of my buff cross girls or more laying. But I mean this is just over whelming! But so exciting!

Unfortunantly they got the mallard egg gene from dad. Instead of laying extra large eggs like mom their eggs wont even be snug in an egg carton.

I wish I could post a camera in there to see who is laying what! I want to pop em in the bator SOOO bad! But I think i need to get more confident with ti first. But if eggs from this round hatch I am SOOO filling her up as soon as she is empty.
YES! BABIES! im hoping these buff crosses are as good at brooding as my Buff ( My #1 Mamma )

I mean I can only fit so many in the bator.... LOL I hope my magpie pulls through, she did last time but then on the last week of her broodiness we had like 4 or 5 snakes in the pen ( now dead ) and she lost all of her 18 eggs but one. I would have put that one in the bator.. if I had a bator then.
A friend of mine is hatching babies right now and she is raising a pure white non crested female for my crested magpie!! I cannot wait- Dont know if Ill incubate any eggs or just sell them all because I seriously do not want anymore ducks after I get Chuckie his mate..Im sure ill cave and incubate 1-2 and sell the babies though-you watch Ill do that and fall in love all over again and have like 20 come next winter
Hey goat walker, this is totally off subject but there is a goose heading to auction block in Florida...says she's freindly, embden, but going to auction. I see you are in Alabama, do you have any freinds in central Florida...hopefully to save her. I'm a sucker for critters:D and can tell by your postings that your are too!

I'm way the heck up here in northeast part of the country or I would go get that goose!

Listed in "other poultry buy sell trade" twice, the first listing shows her photo.

I'm worried if she goes to auction, her goose is cooked:/
Thats why I started my little business. I get to hatch as many as I want - but then I sell everything that i can at the local fleamarkets. I dont think Ill add crested ducks to my flock. Even thought they are cute and goofy looking. But the crest is a skull deformity and I just dont want to risk anything with my flock. It would be neat to have a crested though. Id name it Moe.

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