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Dec 30, 2020
We bought two hens from craigslist, not exactly sure what kind. One is red (Esther) and the other golden red (Gertie) who a daily layers up until a couple weeks ago when the cold weather came. Esther stopped laying and is molting but not Gert. We also bought two lambs, female is IVY and the male is BUSTER. We recently moved to a home with a little property so we bought some farm pets. My 4 children are grown, out of the house and we have a dog (Labradoodle) Dolly who recently is allowed to play with the lambs since they are bigger than she is now and can run and protect themselves from "crazy" Dolly. But, never will be allowed with the chickens! She ran out a couple times when my two hens were free and ran around them like they were fetch toys. The two young chickens are only 12 wks old so we are wondering if they are really hens or may be roosters. This will be my first question after reading "how to tell the difference" it is still difficult.

We are not farmers. I grew up near Detroit and my husband is from Texas. My mom grew up on a farm and I always loved country living, farm animals and would really love more land so I could have a cow. I also paint (acrylics) and enjoy painting animals, scenery, nature.

Been looking up lots of info on chickens, learning so much! So, I thought I would join to have some new friends and ask questions since you all know more than I do. I love them! They follow me around the yard, love to eat out of my hand and I love taking care of them! When Esther stopped laying I thought she may have an egg stuck so I soaked her in warm water and Epsom salt in my bathroom sink! She loved it but no egg.

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