I am looking for a particular Chicken....?


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Jun 17, 2009
Thrall, Texas
I saw a chicken that was black with feather's on it legs, now I see them in the book many different kinds....It didn't seem as small as a bantam but not a HUGE chicken either. When it runs....it waddles...it's the cutiest little waddle...What chicken is it?
That is a very broad description
did the books have captions naming the breed of chicken.
Possibly a langshans? Although I wouldn't call them small.

Bantams come in a wide variety of sizes from the teensy class A serama & dutch up to the bantam brahmas & silkies.

Colour is rarely an indicator of breed--most breeds come in many colours, and there are many chickens that are black. Feathers on the leg is a better criteria for differentiating breed,although there are a number of breeds with featherlegs.

What shape was the chicken? More horizontal, more verticle, lanky, round, tall, short, ...? How heavy was the foot feathering? Any othere distnguishing features?
I saw it at Pioneer Farms in Austin Texas...

It was very short and round, fat...There were so many feathers you couldn't see between the legs...Solid black no other color....

It look like it had dress on....
My guess would be bantam cochin, if you said it wasn't overly big looking - bantam cochins don't look too small because of the feathers - sort of in between a large fowl and a bantam size. (without their feathers they would look very small, though).

I love how cochins look when they run - it is funny to see them waddle.


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