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    Just picked up my first baby chicks from the local feed supply store. This is my first venture into raising chickens, (3) Black Australorps, (3) Buff Orpingtons, & (2) Barred Rock. Feeding them a Non-GMO, organic chick feed, just a tad of water in the plate, a heat lamp and they seem to be loving life. Two black ones have already come running to my hand as I was putting towels in the cracks to keep cool air out. Now, any way I can tell the difference between the Australorp & Barred Rock chicks? Their colors seem to be almost identical. Also, any suggestions on raising and caring for these breeds would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.[​IMG]
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    Ism still learning also, but it's a great place to get educated. I'll be doing more reading and asking then answering. Good luck and welcome!!
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