I am on lockdown! NOTHING !!!! geeeshhh


Master of the Silly
11 Years
Jul 11, 2008
Winter Haven, FL
Alrighty, i just went on lockdown for my chickens!!!!

2 seramas
, 2 frizzel cochin mixes, 1 dutch x assel , 1 assel x SL, 1 Giant x assel and the rest of my quail( praying today is day 19)

these eggs are from poultryhaven and i promised updates! Interested to see what they look like cause he mixed some crazy breeds together,LOL!!
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How fun! I just got my incubator up and running. No eggs in it yet, but it's warmed up and seems to be holding temp well. Now I just have to wait for the eggs to show up!

Good luck with your hatch!

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