I am over ROO lets trade

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    am over Roo!
    I went hatch nuts & most of the time the girls didn't make it! but, I will have to close them in soon!
    plus I had major predators this year so, I just put in a order being my hatching didn't go well!

    this what I have... [​IMG]
    were hatched in Febuary!
    Buff Orpingtonton roo
    Blue Buff Cochin roo
    they are on my home page

    Barred Rock roo
    Buff Brahma roo
    Salmon Faverolle roo
    hatched ? June 9

    I should say Looking for: (I could take male or female) I am trying to introduce different blood lines!
    Barred Rock,
    Rhode Island Red, (I have 2 male from same blood line if someone wants to trade
    Cochin (I really need a roo) (I have red-whit & blue girls)
    Buff Brahma

    *Salmon Faverolle roo (((favorite I really want GIRLS for))) can’t get girls he has to go!

    I really don’t want to travel more than a ½ hour I home school, teach another class & everything else but, lets talk!!! [​IMG]

    If you have something I really want I have baby Jersy Giants!
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