I am relatively new to chickens. About 3 years of hatching and buying baby chicks. We have 30 chickens and young chicks. My question is can a chicken

May 29, 2020
My question is can a chicken have epileptic seizures? I have a rooster who I thought had broke its neck but recovered. However when it gets dark or I put a sheet on his temporary cage his neck goes limp and he cannot stand. This takes about 2 minutes to occur. When I expose him to light he seems to recover.


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Apr 3, 2011
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Chickens can suffer seizures. I have a rooster who has a limp neck and curls it under him only when he sleeps or naps. He has been doing this for 2 years nows, but when he is awake and outdoors not napping, he walks around normally with his head up. Did your rooster injure his head or neck? Vitamin E with a little egg can be helpful with neurological problems.

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